What is
Operation Brownie Pockets?

Operation Brownie Pockets is a roleplaying game, but it’s not like other games you may have seen or played. It's a Massively Multiplayer Meatspace Role-Playing Game—this means your inventory contains the stuff in your pockets and the clothes on your back. The skills your character has are the ones you actually possess. You, as your character, play this game in the real world, with real challenges, rewards, and penalties. In other words, this isn't a game at all—you’re about to go on an adventure! What kind of adventure you'll have is up to you, your fellow players, and the roll of the dice (you’ll need two 12-sided dice, as well as one regular 6-sided die per player). 

You should be prepared to spend about an hour attempting to accomplish your goal. The adventure itself may go on longer, but all players are free to depart after an hour, with no negative effects or feelings. 

You should also be prepared to spend a little money, with a maximum of $8* per adventure, per player. Spending anything more must be a unanimous group decision.

You'll need the print-n-play book below, as well as character sheets and adventure logs for each player. The "rules" file is meant as a handout for new players, to bring them up to speed quickly, and the character dossier and adventure journal are entirely optional.

Print everything 2-sided (flip on the short edge) and fold in half. To view the main game on a tablet or other device, use the e-viewable file (you'll still need character sheets & adventure logs).

*estimated in USD; please approximate in your local currency

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